Inlays and onlays are often referred to as “three-quarter crowns.” That is, they restore a large portion of the tooth structure but do not completely cover an entire tooth the way a crown would. Not every dentist in HCMC offers inlays and onlays, but at Ucare Dental we believe in providing our patients with the best options that minimize the impact on your healthy tooth enamel.

Your Treatment Steps
The treatment process for inlays and onlays is very similar to that used during Dental Crowns. After your initial exam and x-rays, we will schedule two different appointments. The first visit involves numbing the area around your tooth and then removing any damaged enamel, decay, or restorations that are present. The tooth is then prepped and shaped appropriately. An impression is taken for our lab to create a custom-designed restoration that fits precisely into your tooth. A temporary filling or crown will be placed over the tooth until your final appointment 3 days later. At the second visit, your tooth will be cleaned and the permanent inlay or onlay will be bonded into place (typically without anesthesia).
If you’ve been told that you needed a crown but want to find out if there’s another option out there, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us.

When Fillings or Crowns Aren’t the Right Choice
Fillings are placed inside of a tooth. dental crowns cover a tooth. inlays and onlays do both. they are an excellent restorative option for teeth that have

Cavities which are too large for a filling to repair
Structural damage that prevents a tooth from functioning without the risk of additional fractures
A significant amount of healthy enamel that is still present
Moderately sized fractures
Large fillings which need to be replaced
A nerve chamber that isn’t at risk of becoming compromised
Each inlay/onlay is made of durable porcelain materials that match your tooth and restore beauty as well as function. At Ucare, dental inlays and onlays help us minimize the amount of treatment to your natural teeth.

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