Let's Look Back Beautiful Pictures In The Autumn Event

On August 19, more than 1500 guests participated in the "shocking" tourism event of Vietravel and its partners. Ucare is proud to be a partner of the Only Dental Clinic at the festival with dozens of customers interested in dental health before the wonderful vacation awaits!

Ms. Mai Anh (Go Vap) shared the reason for participating in the dental examination program at Ucare: “I bought a tour to Europe next month, I also want to have a dental examination before going to make peace of mind, but through that, the teeth naturally hurt. or something just can't eat and drink, sometimes spend a lot of money on dental treatment abroad, after examining that good tooth is all reassuring then ”

Also according to uncle Lam (District 1): “This time, I was happy because I could buy so many cheap tours, and it was always convenient to have free dental examinations, I had a good tooth and I knew it but I missed it. If you hang out, it hurts! ”

Through direct visits with the specialist Ung Viet Cuong, many customers are assured that there are no dental problems, and many customers make an appointment right at Ucare to receive dental treatment with incentives up to 30% is very rare at Ucare, especially with the high-cost services on regular days such as: Implant, Orthodontic Invisalign, Removable jaw, Heavy-colored bleaching, ...