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Making Porcelain Bridges For Lost or Damaged Teeth

What is porcelain dental bridge?

Making porcelain bridges is a common solution today to restore the aesthetics and function of lost or damaged teeth. The advantages of this method are reasonable cost, long life, chewing is also very good. With dental porcelain technology at Ucare dentistry, customers can be assured of the quality and time of implementation.

Porcelain bridge is made up of at least 3 porcelain teeth (also called porcelain crowns), the middle tooth will fill the loss of teeth, the two outer teeth will attach to the two teeth next to the missing tooth to support. for the teeth in the middle

Porcelain bridges can be made from many different materials, depending on the conditions and desires of each person in terms of aesthetics, longevity ... There are 3 common types of porcelain bridges: Common metal bridges, bridges titanium metal porcelain teeth and non-metallic porcelain dental bridge

Metal porcelain bridges are the least expensive, but have limited service life and warranty periods

Titan porcelain bridge can ensure many criteria when the cost is also quite reasonable but durability and aesthetics also meet the quality standards of the international dental association.

Non-metallic porcelain bridges (all porcelain) have aesthetic advantages, not black gum line, natural color, or used to replace incisors. However, the cost is slightly higher than 2 metal bridges.

Constructing Porcelain Teeth Which Case?

Although the solution is quite perfect porcelain teeth, but not all cases can apply this method. Usually the doctor will appoint the application for porcelain bridges in the following cases:

Lose 1 or more teeth without transplant implant conditions.

Teeth lost due to diseases such as tooth decay, myelitis, abrasive abrasion ...

Broken, chipped teeth lost due to accidental injuries.

The adjacent teeth are strong, strong and can support the bridge.

Jaw bone is not indented.

Advantages of Porcelain Bridge

Porcelain bridges are selected by many people because of the following advantages:

Reasonable cost: Compared with Implant method, porcelain bridges are much more economical because this is only a prosthesis method on the tooth surface, without the need of artificial root.

High aesthetics: Digital dental technology supports jaw impression taking place quickly and accurately to every detail. Therefore, when making porcelain teeth from these specific parameters, porcelain teeth will have the same color and shape as real teeth. Outsiders will hardly be able to notice the difference on the user's teeth.

Ensuring chewing function: Made from high-quality materials, porcelain teeth have high hardness, from which it can take on the role of chewing like real teeth.

High durability: With high quality materials and digital technology, the durability of the porcelain bridge is guaranteed to last for decades if you know how to take care of it.

Process Of Making Porcelain Bridge

1. Consultation examination

You may have X-rays to assess your dental condition and health. Then, based on the results that the doctor will evaluate and advise the most appropriate prosthetic prosthesis for you.

2. Collect clinical data

The next step you are assigned to take pictures of teeth, smile and take impression. This data will be used to make porcelain teeth perfectly fit to the edge of the gums and actual teeth.

3. Preparing teeth grinding for customers

Before grinding teeth for customers, if you have problems with oral diseases such as myelitis, periodontitis, your doctor will conduct treatment first. During the procedure, the client is anesthetized so there is no pain.

4. Make bridges for customers and schedule follow-up visits.

From 3-5 days after the bridge is completed to meet the standard of aesthetics and function, the doctor will assign the customer to finish the process of restoring porcelain teeth. You will have a visit, a follow-up appointment after dental porcelain work, our customer service staff will help you with this.

The process of making porcelain bridges

Results After The Porcelain Bridge

Results before and after making porcelain bridges at UCARE Dental

* Note: Treatment results depend on the condition and tooth structure of each person

Why choose Ucare dental care?

Professional doctor
Dr. Ung Viet Cuong, internationally certified specialist in Veneer - Lumineers and Smile, has performed many complex cosmetic surgeries.

Minimal Intervention - Limiting Pain
We always thoroughly analyze each specific case, have a reasonable treatment plan on the principle of minimizing the invasion of dental tissue and surrounding structure. Limit unnecessary treatment and unnecessary complications after treatment

Natural Beauty
Improve healthy gingival teeth, ensure bite function and give you a naturally bright teeth that harmonize each contour with the lips in the overall proportion of the face.

Dedication for customers
Ucare team they always try to understand and share the concerns of patients by thorough examination, understand the problem that the patient really cares about, the problem the patient really needs treatment. Throughout the treatment process, patients are cared for and carefully monitored

Guaranteed Benefits Before And After Treatment
We always want to satisfy our customers with the quality of treatment, besides we always have a thoughtful care and warranty policy for customers after treatment.

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