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Why Is Your Neck Worn?

Worn neck tooth expression like?

Neck wear is a very common disease nowadays, especially among adults. Not only does it cause unpleasant annoyances, but worn neck can also cause aesthetic loss when communicating.

Signs identify the base of the tooth: it's easy to see a deep V-shaped groove located on the outside of the gumline or seen in small molars, canines and incisors.

Initially only a small groove in the neck of the tooth and often the patient pays little attention to this because there are no symptoms, most patients go to the dentist for intervention, then the condition has become severe, causing sensitivity. when eating hot or cold drinks due to the impact on the pulp, even cause myelitis to create pus, which is more severe than the horizontal fracture.

What causes coronary neck wear?

Treatment of tooth erosion currently at the Ucare maxillofacial specialist clinic is very simple, depending on the condition of the patient's neck wear:

In mild cases, you do not need to go to the doctor, you just need to choose anti-sensitivity cream, brush your teeth in the vertical direction without causing mechanical trauma.

In case of tooth loss of hard enamel tissue, it is recommended to fill the neck of the tooth and restore the crown.

If teeth are worn too much to fill, porcelain veneers must be covered to restore crowns.

If the neck is worn out, the pulp should be treated before the filling or the porcelain crown must be treated first.

Treatment of tooth erosion by composite fillings

Treatment of tooth erosion by porcelain crowns

* Note: Treatment results depend on the degree of tooth erosion and the structure of teeth in each person

If there is no timely treatment of tooth wear, what will happen?

If the tooth is not treated promptly, it will cause the following consequences:

Teeth will lose more hard tissue to protect tooth enamel causing sensitivity, sensitivity

Next is the root canal that causes the pulp to become inflamed, the inflammation around the base of the tooth spreads causing your teeth to hurt,

More serious is the cause of fractures, fractures. Therefore, the early detection and treatment will be simpler.

Preventing tooth erosion

Prevent the abrasion of the root neck following these instructions:

Brush properly: Brush gently, not horizontally, so spread your teeth vertically, brush twice a day in the morning and in the evening to remove chemical elements that cause tooth erosion.

How to comb properly

If you feel that your teeth are often sensitive, you should see a dentist for timely treatment and intervention

Take preventative measures against tooth decay, because tooth decay is also a factor in increasing the rate of hard tissue loss

Periodic dental examination every 6 months to detect and timely treatment of oral diseases

Why choose Ucare dental care?

Professional doctor
Dr. Ung Viet Cuong, internationally certified specialist in Veneer - Lumineers and Smile, has performed many complex cosmetic surgeries.

Minimal Intervention - Limiting Pain
We always thoroughly analyze each specific case, have a reasonable treatment plan on the principle of minimizing the invasion of dental tissue and surrounding structure. Limit unnecessary treatment and unnecessary complications after treatment

Natural Beauty
Improve healthy gingival teeth, ensure bite function and give you a naturally bright teeth that harmonize each contour with the lips in the overall proportion of the face.

Dedication for customers
Ucare team they always try to understand and share the concerns of patients by thorough examination, understand the problem that the patient really cares about, the problem the patient really needs treatment. Throughout the treatment process, patients are cared for and carefully monitored

Guaranteed Benefits Before And After Treatment
We always want to satisfy our customers with the quality of treatment, besides we always have a thoughtful care and warranty policy for customers after treatment.

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