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Scrape tartar

What is tartar, tartar is created like?

Dental calculus is a plaque that has been calcified by the calcium phosphate salt compound in saliva. In 1 week, the plaque is not cleaned can form tartar, so, if cleaned thoroughly and regularly, it will minimize the formation of tartar. Lime is highly concentrated in the neck of the teeth and is opaque white or yellow or black causing an aesthetic loss.

Lime forms and attach to the root

The speed of formation of tartar varies from person to person, its formation is influenced by the ingredients in saliva, eating habits, oral hygiene habits.

The harmful effects of tartar, why it is necessary to scrape tartar?

Untreated tartar is a cause of periodontal and gum disease. Dental calculus can lead to diseases such as gingivitis with symptoms such as bleeding teeth, bad mouths, etc. , leading to the risk of shaky and tooth loss.

Dental calculus gradually destroys tooth structure over time

3 Advantages of scaling at UCARE

Scrape tartar thoroughly into the gum, minimize pain
Scrape teeth with an ultrasonic vibrator is the most modern and convenient method today, because achieving the goal of tartar removal and creating a feeling of smoothness for patients. The 25kHz frequency ultrasound, along with aseptic water flow, acts on the tartar, causing tartar to peel off and be attracted to the saliva suction tube.

The best dental shaver today

Safe for teeth, not contagious
The impact of a scalpel on teeth causes flaking of plaque without damaging the teeth and gums. Teeth whitening at UCARE Dental is under aseptic control to help the process of tartar take place safely, without inflammation.

Prolonged re-cling time of tartar
After scraping off lime, it is a stage of polishing teeth with specialized powder, helping to increase the smoothness of the teeth. So it can limit the re-adhesion of food crumbs, help extend the time of formation of tartar

Results after cleaning tartar

* Note: The results depend on each specific case

Why choose Ucare dental care?

Professional doctor
Dr. Ung Viet Cuong, internationally certified specialist in Veneer - Lumineers and Smile, has performed many complex cosmetic surgeries.

Minimal Intervention - Limiting Pain
We always thoroughly analyze each specific case, have a reasonable treatment plan on the principle of minimizing the invasion of dental tissue and surrounding structure. Limit unnecessary treatment and unnecessary complications after treatment

Natural Beauty
Improve healthy gingival teeth, ensure bite function and give you a naturally bright teeth that harmonize each contour with the lips in the overall proportion of the face.

Dedication for customers
Ucare team they always try to understand and share the concerns of patients by thorough examination, understand the problem that the patient really cares about, the problem the patient really needs treatment. Throughout the treatment process, patients are cared for and carefully monitored

Guaranteed Benefits Before And After Treatment
We always want to satisfy our customers with the quality of treatment, besides we always have a thoughtful care and warranty policy for customers after treatment.

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