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Wisdom tooth extraction

What is wisdom tooth?

- Wisdom tooth (or tooth number 8) is the 3rd largest molar tooth of human teeth, grows last on the arch and is located deep in the corner of the jaw, usually we have up to 4 wisdom teeth.

- The effect of wisdom teeth: Because the tooth 6 is the first permanent molar tooth in the mouth that is easily damaged and early extracted, then the tooth number 7 moves closer instead of tooth 6 and wisdom teeth move closely instead of tooth 7. Therefore, it is considered that wisdom teeth also have some effect.

- Usually grows in adulthood (18-25 years old) is the age that indicates the growth of a person should be called wisdom teeth

- However, most wisdom teeth are harmful because they cause many complications. There are a few cases when there is no wisdom tooth, this is normal.

Cases of erupted wisdom teeth

Cases of erupted wisdom teeth

Why wisdom tooth extraction? Should wisdom tooth extraction when?

Because the last eruption and no room to grow, teeth usually do not cause many complications:

Soreness, inflammation around the wisdom tooth repeatedly.

Stuffing food that cannot be cleaned.

Lesions of tooth decay are not treatable.

Damaging the second largest adjacent molar.

Causes cellulitis.

Interfering with bite bite leads to TDH joint pain ...


When these complications do not go away on their own and find that wisdom teeth do not help chewing, the removal of wisdom teeth is the best solution. Wisdom tooth extraction has become a regular treatment for dentists. If done properly, the wisdom tooth extraction process is a safe and effective treatment.

Is wisdom tooth extraction difficult?

Difficulty of wisdom tooth extraction depends on:

Tooth shape

Anatomy of teeth

Tooth axis: tilted near, horizontal, vertical, far inclined

Depth of underground teeth

Bone stiffness

The extent of the patient's open mouth

The distance between teeth and branches on the lower jaw bone

Thus, wisdom tooth extraction is difficult or no longer very much dependent on the position and structure of the tooth. To know exactly if your wisdom teeth are easy to extract, we should go to the dentist for an accurate examination.

For the case of wisdom teeth stuck, teeth inserted into the nerve, it is necessary to have a skilled doctor to perform to avoid leaving unnecessary consequences.

The time of extraction depends on the degree of eruption of wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth extraction process


Examination on mouth

Take a panoramic movie and check (take CT movie if necessary)

Blood test (As directed by your doctor)

Clean teeth, scrape tartar

* Note: After a wisdom tooth extraction, symptoms for a few days such as bleeding after tooth extraction, swelling, pain, temporary loss of feeling in the lower lip is normal.


Disinfect in place according to aseptic procedure of minor surgery


Slitting the gums

Dissecting gums and bones

Sharpening and cutting bone around teeth, revealing underground teeth

Split teeth, remove teeth

Scraping granulation tissue and bone fragments

Toothpaste flushing pump

Stitch hemostasis

Minor surgery wisdom tooth extraction is absolutely sterile.

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